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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits


The Bible Reading, Devotionals & Theology portion of this site moved to Lean-into-God.



     This website started in 2006. It combined my passion for the Bible and the things of God with my interest in video editing. However, people wanting to find resources for their walk with the Lord do not search for a website called Yukon Angel Productions. Therefore, on 9/24/14 I started the move to create two websites replacing the one. The theology portion of this website has moved to   Lean-into-God.  Meanwhile my interest in video is mostly to preserve memories, regardless of the quality of old videos.

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Post Production

     Most people enjoy taking pictures and shooting video. I enjoy post production & when it comes to weddings I think the Wedding Planner is the most important person. Only a few of us (not me), can mentally compose creative shots. Lily and Misti come to mind. So once you have your shots staged friends and family can supply all the needed pictures and media to preserve memories.

     I enjoy tweaking the media my clients send me and putting it all together so camera cards, CD's and DVD's can escape forgotten drawers and closets and come to life.


     I try to craft my videos to the music. Slow song, slow video, fast song, fast video. Music choice becomes the framework within which I make a video.

     For those who would like me to make them a video from their pictures, video clips, etc. you will have to supply me with the music, even if I already have the CD. Music copyright legislation requires me to request that my clients supply the music they want used for their project.

This web site is about relationships.

     We are bombarded by commercials that tell us people and family are the most important thing in life, even more important than ourselves. I frequently said that myself, but saying something, even knowing it in your head is not the same as having the reality of this truth in your heart. As my little sister said recently, "Life is "Getting it." People say they do, but they don't."

     Seminary helped me understand we are not defined by what we do or don't do, what we have or wish we had, but rather who we love and how we love. In the last five years this truth has finally taken root in my spirit. People who get it at an early age, like my wife, are blessed more than they know. Like me, most people think they "Get it," but if you are around them very long it is easy to see they don’t. Our actions always betray us.

     So this web site is for my family and friends. It contains old and new videos, unbelievably poor quality videos and some I think are quite beautiful. Many of the pictures and some videos are not mine. There are many remixes on the Misc page. I hope everything on this web site reflects relationships. Relationship is what life is all about.

     Jesus said He is the truth and the truth is relationship. Love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself is what Jesus said, quoting from Deuteronomy, but then He said what really convicted me. He said upon this rests all the law and all the prophets.

     The case of the woman caught in adultery was not about whether she had sinned ... like all the men who sinned with her; the issue was and still is relationship. Let those without sin throw the first rock. Something greater than sin, greater than the law was present ... and that was Jesus. The pharisees understood the message and threw no stones. We stumble over this simple message.

     You can’t know Jesus through your pastor or through your church. You have to know Him yourself. The closer you move to others, the closer you move to Jesus. The more distance you put between yourself and someone else, the more distance you put between you and God.

     I have four sons and it is my hope and prayer that after Lily and I pass they will pay the not quite $70 a year Vimeo Plus charge (every Feb 1) to keep our videos on the Vimeo server in Privacy mode. Likewise, I hope they will pay the $75 a year to Lucky Marble to maintain this web site so our grandchildren will have a perspective of what their parents and grandparents were like when they were younger. I would love to have had videos of my parents.

     Meanwhile, videos remind me how blessed I am. I am very grateful for the people in my life and I hope my family and friends will accept this web site as the gift it is intended to be.