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Video 1     Halloween 2013
     My granddaughter Ellie & her cousing Jessie enjoy the holiday.
Video 2
     10/4/13 - Tom’s Test Pictures
     This is just my oldest son Tom trying out his new camera, but it’s all gold to me. Tom wrote the music & sings the song.
Video 3     10/10/15 - 100 Picture Slideshow – Hold Me
     Lily and I, Dave & Robin & Pam went to Disneyworld
Video 4
     9/9/13 - Autumn is 10
     This is just a little video Lily and I made for Autumn, hoping to make her smile.
Video 5
     Christmas Memories 2014
     I made this for family and friends, just to say Merry Christmas.
Video 6     Liam & Brodie & The Lord’s Prayer 2014
     Reviewing some pictures of Liam & Brodie made me think of the Lord's Prayer, my favorite prayer.
Video 7     7/20/11 Terry Lee Moore Memorial – Where I’m Goin’
     I made this Memorial video for Lily & her brothers.
Video 8     Happy 2015 Valentines for my Bride
     I'm always looking for ways to tell my bride how much I love her.
Video 9     Happy Birthday Misti 1/26/14 – The First Time
     Made this video as a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law Misti.
Video 10     Happy Birthday Chris 9/12/14 - Girls Want To Have Fun
     I made this video as a birthday gift for my son Chris.


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Video 11     For Melinda – You’ll Be In My Heart
     Made this video for my daughter-in-law Melinda.
Video 12
     For Lily – Our 100 Years (not quite)
     We've only been together 32 years, but a hundred would be nice.
Video 13     For Lily – Old Dreams
     Always trying to make little videos that will make my bride smile.
Video 14
     Silver Falls- Over The Rainbow
     The late Eva Cassidy does a marvelous job with this song. We go to Silver Falls almost every year.
Video 15
     The Great Adventure
     In the summer of 2014 Ryan & Crystal & Autumn escaped from California & came to Oregon to see us. While they were here they took Lily & I horseback riding on the beach. It was a lot of fun.
Video 16     Holiday Road
     On the way home from horse back riding we stopped at another beach and then Camp 18.
Video 17     For Ralph & Stella 2014
     My brother Ralph & his girlfriend Stella broke out of Texas & came to Oregon for a visit. One of the places we went was Multnomah Falls. He loves hard rock music so I tried to juice up the video. Probably over the top.
Video 18     Mt. Rainier Railroad 2014
     Lily & I went to Elbe WA to ride the railroad. I have a Canon EOS 7D which I bought used in 2012. I like it, but it is pretty heavy. Standing there recording the approaching train hand held was difficult, but I think that part came out pretty good.
Video 19     Crater Lake
     1989 or early 90's ... a long time ago. My oldest friend, over 33 years now, Elmer Dalton took Lily & I to Crater Lake to go snowmobiling. It is the most fun I've ever had.
Video 20     Just For Fun
     Lily & I are Portland Trailblazer fans. In 2013 I recorded a Trailblazer game to watch when we got home from house sitting. I took the very short intermission clip along with clips from the game and made this little video ... just for fun. Some bad lyrics here, but it's the song they used. Great beat.


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Video 21     No Greater Love – 2008
     Written & performed by my oldest son Tom. What a great song!
Video 22
     Least We Forget 2008
     This is a remix from 1993, Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. The music is from Marty Goetz.
Video 23     Learn To Be Still 2008
     I like doing remixes. I had heard this Eagle song before, but I guess I never listened to the words until Lily told me too. Great song.
Video 24
     Praise You In The Storm 2008
     I love this song by Casting Crowns, but I thought what it needs is a storm so I gave it one.
Video 25
     I Exalt Thee – 2008
     This is actually a remix from a Phil Driscoll life performance.
Video 26     Hebrews
     I was watching Chariots of Fire and it reminded me of the Book of Hebrews, thus this musical remix.
Video 27     Rocking Alice
     This is Autumn Rose Nicholson. I made this video for Lily, Ryan and Crystal.
Video 28     Daddy’s Cinderella 2009
     Lily always liked this Steven Curtis Chapman song so naturally this became one of her favorite videos.
Video 29     Early Family Memories – 2009
     It takes some of us a long time to realize how important family is. Some people never get it and never know they don't.
Video 30     For Chris 2013 – I Lived
     When I discovered One Republic I told my son Tom about this great new group. He laughed & said they had been around a long time. Oh well.
Chris & Melinda & Ellie came for a visit while we were house sitting. Our hosts told us it was OK to have company. These are just some pictures I took.


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Video 31     Summer Fun
     Ryan & Crystal & Autumn took a vacation in the Caribbean & shared their pictures with us.
Video 32
     Liam & Brodie 1st Birthday
     Tom & Misti gave their sons Liam & Brodie a birthday party with a Toy Story theme so I tried to make this video with that idea in mind.
Video 33     He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother
     Another video about my grand sons Liam & Brodie.
Video 34
     The Great Mystery
     I never cease to be amazed that a woman as kind and compassionate as Lily is married to me. She always says beauty is as beauty does. I'm blessed.
Video 35
     To Make My Bride Smile
     Nothing makes Lily smile like grandchildren. We have eight right now, but we're praying that number 9 is right around the corner.
Video 36     Best Laid Plans
     A video I made for my brother Ralph and his girlfriend Stella.
Video 37     Liam & Brodie dance to Pink
     I over did this video trying to make a really cute cell phone video extra special. Fortunately Liam & Brodie's cuteness shines through despite me.
Video 38     Friends Are Forever
     This is an old video I made in 2008, but one that Lily has always liked.
Video 39     For Chris & Melinda Visit
     I made this video for my son Chris & Melinda who came for a visit in March of 2015.
Video 40     Happy Birthday Lily 9/25/12
     Another birthday video made for Lily.

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Video 41     1993 Puget Sound
     Yes, I spelled it wrong in the video. Our good friends Arch & Colleen took Lily, Tom, Ryan, Chris, Spence & me on a vacation on Puget Sound. We had a wonderful time but took too few pictures.
Video 42
     Liam & Brodie Come Home
     I made this video to remember when Liam & Brodie came home.
Video 43     Canal Boats
     In March of 2004 Lily, me, David & Robin took a trip across the Pond. It was a great vacation & we would love to go back. We saw England & Scotland, but not Ireland.
Video 44
     April 2013, Just A Day At Our Place
     We think we live in a very beautiful place. This is just a video of one of our daily walks. The more grandchildren I get the more I try to walk ... there are a lot of future weddings I'd like to see.
Video 45
     1/23/12 Come Along
     Yes Lily pointed out my spelling errors. I heard the song on TV & thought it would make a cute video for grandchildren.
Video 46     1999 Upland Christmas
     It was nice to see Lily's brothers all together, but a sad time because Lily's Dad passed, but then there was the miracle of Pettie. God's tenderness always amazes me. I hope Tom & Ryan & Chris will always remember what God did for Lily & all of us. Several times now I've asked Lily to tell me the story of why Pettie was so significant. Great story, Greater God.
Video 47     Christmas 1995 Los Osos
     I often think back ... as old people do ... & wonder where we'd be if we had stayed in Los Osos / Arroyo Grande. It was a beautiful place to live, but if we had stayed there we would not have the grandchildren we have now.
Video 48     2012 Easter A Long & Lasting Love
     What makes Lily happy is family. We just can't get enough pictures & videos. We hope this web site will be a reminder to our family of what is important in life.
Video 49     Maple Leaf Rag
     If you're old enough you probably remember the old $6.95 disposable cameras. Unfortunately most of our old pictures were taken with these cameras, but a poor camera is better than none at all. Videos help me to remember God has been, is, very merciful to me.
Video 50     Maniac 2015
     There is just no getting around it, Ellie loves to jump and dance. I wonder if she will be a dancer when she grows up or maybe a black belt like her Dad.


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Video 51     Odessa Memories 1983-84
     For Lily & I it began in Odessa, Texas. I wasn't always an old guy & though my memory isn't so good our family videos jump start my ability to remember. I hope after Lily & I are gone our four sons will keep this web site & my Vimeo account active so our grandchildren will have a resource of family memories. It would be even better if they all contributed to maintain the family community.
Video 52
     2004 March Trip To England
     Memories of our trip across The Pond with Dave & Robin. Gosh we had a good time, but we always have a good time with Dave & Robin.
Video 53     Family Thoughts 2008
Video 54
     For Bailee
     A video I made for Chris & Melinda from their 3/15 trip to see us.
Video 55
     2/23/15 Brown’s Ferry Walk
     Just another video from our daily walks. These videos mean I love making videos, but my kids have not supplied me with pictures or videos.
Video 56     2014 Oct Colors Of The Wind Lightbox
     One of the many videos I made for Dave, Robin, Robin's sister Pam & Lily & me of our October 2014 trip to Disneyworld.
Video 57     2013 Jan 30 Make You Feel My Love
     Made this for Tom & Misti & of course for me & Lily.
Video 58     Green Grass
     I made this several years ago for Ryan & Crystal. We were at a bowling alley & I was getting a kick out of Autumn's facial expressions so out came the camera. Later I found this Cibelle video on YouTube & remixed it all together.
Video 59     My Redeemer Lives
     A remix I did of this great Nicole C. Mullin song. I like her music video, but when I bought the CD I discovered the CD version of the song was longer than the music video version so I remixed the music video to fit the CD. Can you tell the difference? Great song & great singer.
Video 60     Christmas 2003 Lake Oswego
     Just a Christmas memory. I loved our little house in Lake Oswego, but when I lost my job we had to sell our home. Lily took a nice little house & made it into a beautiful home.