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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits


My Clients are my photographers

I work with what I'm given. Best results start with the original.

Family Photographers

Tom Nicholson

     My oldest son Tom is actually a professional photographer. He lives near Austin Texas with his family and when he can make the time from his full time job(s) he enjoys using his Nikon to take beautiful pictures.

Misti Nicholson

     I know Misti would disagree with me, but she takes wonderful videos with her iphone. Somehow she is able to hold her smartphone really still when she shoots video. I can convert her videos to 1080p 1920x1080 and the quality still looks great because her videos are always sharp and at the right exposure.

Melinda Nicholson

     I depend on Melinda to send me pictures and videos of my granddaughter Ellie and I think she is getting better and better.

Crystal Nicholson

     At one time I thought Crystal was going to become a professional photographer because she seemed to enjoy photography, but being a full time wife and mother while holding down a full time job left her little time to pursue her interest. I depend on Crystal to send me pictures and videos of my granddaughter Autumn.

Chris & Ryan

     My other sons don't take many pictures so I depend on their wives to send me pictures and videos.

Lily & I

     We take as many pictures and video as we can, but with everyone living so far away we don't get too many chances. When we do we pretty much take pictures of everything.

     You are the media generator

     I take the pictures and or videos my clients send me and try to craft them into a video they will enjoy for years to come.

     It is a rare evening that Lily and I don't watch at least one of our old family videos or a recent video of one of our grandchildren. They bring us a tremendous amount of pleasure and we cannot imagine any couple not wanting to relive their old memories.

     Don't you have old or current pictures you'd like to see in a personal video made just for you and your family?

     Recent Pictures

     I never get enough pictures. My children get tired of me asking for pictures, but isn't that what grandpa's do?



    Shirley Temple, I mean Ellie, having fun at the LA Fair. Photo by Melinda Nicholson.



    Kody gets a hug from Autumn. Photography by Crystal Nicholson.


    Liam & Brodie

    Tom took this picture with his iphone just before they went to soccer practice. Don't all 3 year olds play soccer?


    Now there is Bailee

    The Lord brought Bailee into this world on 12/13/14.

    • ALT NAME

      Connor & Heidi

      Connor & Heidi joined Autumn on 4/23/15

    • ALT NAME

      Nathan Spencer Adams