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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits



Video Services to help you enjoy your media!



About our Services

     Music Videos; slideshows from pictures and video are my specialty. The usual charge is $199 and that usually means 50-60 pictures and the song of your choice. Short video clips 5-10 seconds can be used in place of pictures.

     If you have a shoe box of old pictures, (They are the most fun. Scan them at 300 dpi) and send me the jpegs, Cd's, DVD's, and camera cards that you have been meaning to do something with, but just don't have the time, maybe I can help.

     Want your old wedding DVD's edited? Do you have some that don't work? Maybe I can fix the ones that don't work. If I can't fix it there is no charge.



         Are you getting married but just don't have the funds to hire a photographer and or videographer? Consider finding a good wedding planner to help stage the shots and then enlist your friends and family to get you all the pictures and videos you need. They may not be professionals but because of sheer numbers they will get you plenty of shots an expensive pro would miss. Even two or three photographers and videographers can't be everywhere. Modern cell phones can accomplish wonders so with at least eight people using camcorders, cameras and cell phones you can get a wealth of material for your wedding memories.



         Are you running out of space on your refrigerator because of all the baby pictures? Why not put them together in a video with music and titles.

         Our oldest son Tom was just practicing with his new camera. He didn't want to send us the pictures he had taken because he was just checking out exposures, f-stops, etc., but we got lucky and he sent the pictures anyway. So I spent a little time in Photoshop and After Effects and now this is a video Lily and I really enjoy. Like most grandparents we like anything that has our grandchildren in it.

         You can see this video on Slider 1. It is video 2.


    Kids and Family

         When you get to be my age you will realize it is the every day common events that mean so much. Memories are not just about Holidays, Trips, Parties etc. It is remembering the normal daily happenings that will mean so much when you look back.

         Today's cell phones take much better pictures and videos then our old VHS and 8mm cassette camcorders ever could. There is just no reason for any family not to be preserving their memories. Make a habit of frequently gathering together your pictures and videos from cell phones and cameras and burn them to CD or DVD. Save them in a drawer or shoe box and you will have them later when you can really appreciate them. I promise you you will be so grateful that you did.



    Animals have a special place in most of our hearts. It is difficult to resist being loved unconditionally. Our four sons grew up with dogs and we have fond memories of their different personalities.


    Education and Birthdays

    Whether it is getting your Masters Degree, Bachelors, High School Diploma or just moving from one grade to the next, education is often a marker and a memory in our journey through life, and something most of us want to remember. Just so Birthdays, especially when we are young, can be fun.



    Every day can be full of memories when we look back on our younger days, but special events like going to Disneyworld are something we surely want to remember.

    Slide 1 Video 3 is a quick high light video of our recent trip to Disneyworld.